440s, THE: Flamethrower Love: 7"

Aug 13, 2009

Man, I absolutely utterly love The 440s (especially their lasciviously luscious’n’loud lead guitarist/vocalist, Sparkle Plenty... Joan Jett ain’t got nothin’ on the sinfully delicious Sparkle!). Their “Hot to Go” disc is a constant maniacal mainstay in my CD-changer, and now I thankfully have this tough’n’nasty neck-snappin’ 7-incher to thoroughly rough-up my eardrums. Side A snottily snarls with a rude, crude, and lewd rendition of the Dead Boys’ “Flamethrower Love.” Wooooo-weee, it’s a-causin’ me to spazz in a fanatical fit of full-throttle rock’n’roll ecstasy, by golly gawddamn! Side B is a devilishly delectable lil’ ditty about the sin-inspiring Unholy One himself, ol’ Beezlebub of Hades. “Satan’s at the Spot” is as wildly primitive a song as ever was force-fucked into my ears! I’m cross-eyed, slobberin’ silly, and about to desperately drop to my knees. The 440s have once again robustly seduced my aural senses, and I can only hope that I never fully recover!

 –guest (Steel Cage)