440: Hot to Go: CD

Aug 13, 2009

Rippin’, smokin’, death-defyin’, rockin’, and any other hackneyed descriptive terms you can think of that essentially mean that this is one cool-ass piece of plastic. Hardcore, punk, blues and rock‘n’roll meet in a dark alley, decide to join forces and set forth to tear the universe asunder. Yogi has been raving about this band for a couple o’ years now. Hell, when he mentions them, he even gets that little twinkle in his eye like that dude did in the opening credits of the Wonder Woman television show. I’ll concede that he’s usually got pretty good taste when it comes to punk rock, but for some reason, I never went to the trouble of finding anything by them. Maybe it’s ‘cause of the Lizzy Borden, Thor, and Cat Stevens albums he’s secretly got tucked away in his closet so that no one will ever know he actually owns ‘em. Well, no matter. The point is, I shoulda listened to him more when he ranted on and on and on about these guys. They really got it goin’ on, baby doll

 –jimmy (Steel Cage)