#405 with Daryl: Razorcake Podcast

May 13, 2016

#405 with Daryl: Razorcake Podcast

Goddamn if releasing a record hasn’t become a total pain in the ass process. Approve the tests in October, pick em up in April? Fuck. Well,my LP is finally done. Hopefully by the time I’m ready to work on a new one, this goddamn bubble will have popped.

This podcast is dedicated to all the other musicians out there having to put everything on hold for months while their records get pressed.

As usual, hope you hear something you like.


Backbiter, “I” (Fvck the Bozos CS, Dirt Cult)
Strange Faces, “Who Are They?” (Demo)
Bum Out, “Pain Don’t Hurt” (Pain Don’t Hurt CS, Twistworthy)
Lilacs, “Outta” (Self-titled CS, Cool World)
The Dicks, “Right Wing / White Ring” (Kill from the Heart LP, Alternative Tentacles)
Mind Spiders, “No Filter” (ProsthesisLP, Dirtnap)
Pinned In Place, “Radium Girls” (Ghostwritten By LP, Razorcake / Avocado)
Lenguas Largas, “Psychic Eye” (Abba DaddyLP, Red Lounge)
Neighbors, “Secret” (Very Rare Expensive Jewelry LP, Malaka)
drunk, “Ransom” (Split 12” with Goatboy, FOBP)
Serious Sam Barrett, “Me and You Tonight” (Sometimes You’ve Got to Lose LP, YaDig?)
Alicja-Pop, “Calm World” (Rats (Home Recordings 2009-2013) LP, Certified PR)
La Misma, “23:15” (Kanizadi LP, Toxic State)
The Feederz, “Love in the Ruins” (Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? LP, Broken Rekids)