#404 with John Di Marco: Razorcake Podcast

May 06, 2016

#404 with John Di Marco: Razorcake Podcast


Summer Love, aka In Memory of

-John Di Marco

PJ Harvey, “Snake”
She’s amazing; the handful of Peel Sessions are great. I like her better than NickCave. There, I’m an asshole and confirmed Roman Catholic. That fuckin’ snake!

Spokenest, “Sunshine”
Dedicated to Christine, Margot, Cole and Sabrina. God Equals Genocide into Spokenest. I’ll close my eyes in the sunshine while the city rattles my mind!

ADD/C, “Say It Together”
Dedicated to the Famiglia: “Don’t know anything! Don’t even know whether we’ll be alive or dead tomorrow!”

Peace Be Still, “Dunston Checks In”
These loco guys have a great new album, so I’ll play an old song!

School Damage, “Tales from the DudeCave”
Not much else on their new LP sounds like this. The Bloorcourt guys get weird; had to play it!

Little Dave Merriman, “You Know”
Dropping hot knowledge on your Anglo Saxon dome piece, history shouldn’t be a mystery.

U-Roy, “Natty Rebel”
Dedicated to cousin Sarah. I barely knew you. Love U-roy singin’ over Bob Marley. Chose this over “Storms of Life” by Exco Levi at the last second.

Future Virgins, “Bitter Eyes”
What an album. New favorite song emerges seasonally. Bitter eyes can’t see shooting stars son!

Wonk Unit, “Murderer’s Shoe”
“Usually huge! Police investigation, I don’t think so!”

Frankie Stubbs, “I Can’t Help”
Old Elvis never sounded good. I can’t help falling in love with you, Frankie. “Scccrubba me back!” –Sting, in a bathtub.

Iron Chic, “Climate Is What We Expect, Weather Is What We Get”
Dedicated to Rob McAllister, Matthew and Myfanwy’s kids. No matter how low you go, there is always an alternative. We will never know if you leave us, dads. “I love you daddy.” Don’t do this to another kid. Please talk to someone, anyone.

Muhammadali “Stars”
Summer drivin’ through the country, lookin’ at the stars at night. You are light. You are love to so many people.

Medictation, “Fishing”
Dedicated to Dickie Hugo Fred and Graeme. An amazing effort of passion and friendship: The Sainte Catherines meet Leatherface on record.

Snuff, “Vikings”
Dedicated to Ret’d Capitan Breen Carson. RIP, my brother. Those in need, any kind of need, please talk to someone, anyone. Talk to someone in private, someone who knows it hurts. It’s PTSD. It’s not you. You’re still you. It’s gonna be okay. We can help. It’s okay and it will help you. We love you.

Gob, “Suds”
“Look into the mirror, I don’t hate you!”

Stiff Little Fingers, “Barbed Wire Love”
Dedicated to Breen & Niall, Danielle and Andrew, Christine, Jamey, Meg, Meg, Chris, Mark, Jason, Siobhan, Whaley, Jenny, Johnny...

Baby J, “Forget”
Ooh, Baby J I would if I could!

Mike Magarelli, “Box Jellyfish” [Leatherface]
Mike and Addison Burns knocked this out for my Leatherface letter writing campaign at the end of Myspace era.

Tiltwheel, “Kids Enthralled By Fish, Eerie, PA.”
Todd played this already way back in #18. I know it’s time to bring it out again!

Masta Killa, “Street Corner”
Classic sound from this decade and great verses from Deck, Masta Killa, and the GZA the Genius. Intro by Gil Scott Heron “Hate in the brain destroys the cells like cancer.” One love.