#402 with Michael T. Fournier: Razorcake Podcast

Apr 22, 2016

#402 with Michael T. Fournier: Razorcake Podcast

My first Razorcake podcast contains tons of East Coast hoo-ha. Get psyched!


Gay For Johnny Depp “She Said ‘I Like This One’” Erotically Charged Dance Songs For The Desperate EP (Firefly)
Sinkhole “Smell Isn’t Everything” Core Sample LP (Ringing Ear)
Schund “Schund” Laut Spielen 7” (self-released)
Assfactor 4 “Sheepskingraft” Smoked Out7” (Old Glory)
Samuel “Empty And Then Some” Empty And Then Some 7” (Art Monk Constructions)
Rattlesnakes “The Nod” Spread For The Wild Eagle LP (self-released)
Barbaro “Feeding” Feeding 7” (Hydra Head)
Skull Defekts “No More Always” Peer AmidLP (Thrill Jockeey)
Seaweed “Hard Times” Actions And Indications LP (Merge)
Ex-Cult “Young Trash” Self-titled LP (Goner)
Forgetters “I’m Not Immune” Self-titled LP (Too Small To Fail)
Blue-Green Heart “Anthem for Laziness” Self Esteem through Modern Science 7” (Iodine)
Fake Limbs “Waylo” The Power of Patrician Upbringing LP (Self-released)
Trophy Wife “Audrey’s Song” All The SidesLP (SRA)