#399 with Daniel John of Tom Grrrl: Razorcake Podcast

Apr 01, 2016

#399 with Daniel John of Tom Grrrl: Razorcake Podcast

While I was in Los Angeles, Daryl invited me over to his home for a lunch of stir fried veggies and rice. It was delicious. I put a lot of hot sauce on my plate, because recently I've been reallyinto hot sauce. Daryl asked me if I would be interested in doing a Razorcake podcast. My heart melted, and I had a few minutes to compile 14 songs using only my mobile phone. In retrospect, I would have chosen different songs, but under the gun I went for all killer, no filler. It was great to get to talk about Tom Grrrl. It sometimes feels as if I am no longer involved with it. Even though I still am, in my own elusive way. I also really enjoyed the part where we discussed what it feels like to live in Wisconsin and not have any friends. Very different from the 4 years I spent in Austin, or the formative time I spent growing up in San Diego. All of which are touched upon in this rare exclusive interview.

If you dig these jams and find yourself curious as to what Tom Grrrl is all about, check out the following links:

Feel free to get in touch. Particularly if you live in the midwest and want to jam. I'm still in need of tite buds.

Straight up,
Daniel John // TOM GRRRL

M.O.T.O., "Choking On Your Insides" (Kill M.O.T.O., Criminal IQ)
Irma Thomas, "Break-A-Way" (Wish Someone WouldCare)
The Arrivals, "Water Water Everywhere" (Volatile Molotov, Recess)
The Barbaras, "Devour The Jungle Deer" (2006-2008, Goner)
Royal Headache, "Another World" (High, What's Your Rupture)
Bully, "Milkman" (Self-titled, Alicia Bognanno)
This Is My Fist, "E-Ville - Part 2" (A History of Rats, No Idea)
Billy Bragg, "Richard" (Lifes A Riot With Spy Vs. Spy, Utility)
Radioactivity, "Trusted You" (Self-titled, Dirtnap)
The Idle Race, "Morning Sunshine" (Self-titled, Liberty)
Todd Congelliere, "Some Are Fake" (Wrong Side, Recess / Lauren)
X, "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" (Under The Big Black Sun)
The Weakerthans, "Left and Leaving" (Left And Leaving, G7 Welcoming Committee)
The Jam, "To Be Someone (Didn't We Have A Nice Time)" (All Mod Cons)