#398 with Daryl: Razorcake Podcast

Mar 25, 2016

#398 with Daryl: Razorcake Podcast

Between getting older and just dealing with different shit, one of the more interesting changes I’ve felt within myself is that I'm beginning to appreciate bands I had recently determined I didn’t like. My lifetime’s worth of music research is becoming highly suspect. And now there’s a whole lot of bands I gotta give another try. While I’m busy listening to the first thirty seconds of several thousand youtube videos, check out this podcast.


Vial, “You’re Not Safe” (Self-titled 7”, Cut-Rate)
Acid Fast, “Momma Grey” (Last Night on Earth LP, Stupidbag / Salinas)
Raging Nathans, “Not Giving Up” (Losing It LP, Recess / Rad Girlfriend / Dead Broke)
Mega & The Nyrdz, “I Lurk” (We’re Loud comp. LP, Slovenly / Black Gladiator)
Brain Vacation, “War” (Head Cases LP, Wall Of Youth)
Benny The Jet Rodriguez, “In Love” (Split 7” with Martha, Drunken Sailor)
Witches With Dicks, “No Time to Be 31” (Not a Passing Season LP, Dead Broke / WWD)
Pronto, “Cool Kids” (Self-titled LP, Slovenly)
Turkish Techno, “Days” (Number Two LP, Dirt Cult)
Patsy, “Eat It” (Eat It 7”, Total Punk)
Pavement, “Shoot the Singer” (Watery, Domestic. 12”EP, Matador)
Blood Pressure, “Stagnant” (Need to Control LP, Beach Empediment)
Love Of Everything, “I Don’t Wanna Dilemma” (Sleep Damage Dilemma 7”, Porchcore)
Lost Balloons, “Part Time Life” (Self-titled LP, Alien Snatch)
Dead Prez, “Hip Hop” (Lets Get FreeLP, Loud / Get On Down)