#394 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Feb 26, 2016

#394 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

I don’t know when I became so interested in grammar. A few years ago I took a certificate course in copyediting through a local college. I knew I enjoyed editing the writing of others and felt like my life was going nowhere—perhaps a career in copyediting would be the right fit. In the end, the course didn’t teach me as much as it probably should’ve; what I mainly learned was how to use the Chicago Manual of Style. I’m sure I still break rules in regard to writing. Nonetheless, I feel as though my interest in copyediting has made me a better writer, while also giving me the ability to help others improve their writing. It’s become a good skill to have, even if I’m not an expert at it. And with that state of mind, I present to you another in a long line of podcasts related to punctuation. In this episode I give you songs with a hyphen in the title. Enjoy!

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Napalm Death, “Apex Predator - Easy Meat” Apex Predator - Easy Meat (Century Media)
Phoenix Bodies, “Hard-On For A Hummer” Raise The Bullshit Flag (Init)
Fugazi, “Ex-Spectator” The Argument (Dischord)
Proudentall, “Fader In-Out” What’s Happening Here (sunseasky)
Tanner, “B-Line To Brazil” (Germo)Phobic (Headhunter)
Q And Not U, “X-Polynation” 2 Songs7” (Dischord)
Hot Snakes, “Hi-Lites” Audit In Progress (Swami)
Death, “Rock-N-Roll Victim” ...For The Whole World To See (Drag City)
mewithoutYou, “D-Minor” Pale Horses (Run For Cover)
X-Ray Spex, “The Day The World Turned Day-Glo” Germfree Adolescents
Cadillac Blindside, “Killing A Con-Artist” These Liquid Lungs (Fueled By Ramen)
The Reatards, “Alls I Got Is R-N-R” Grown Up Fucked Up (Goner)
Oil Boom, “Mid-Range Jumper” Red Metal (self-released)