#393 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast

Feb 19, 2016

#393 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast


Photo by Jimmy


“Think for yourself and question authority.” –Timothy Leary

New York Dolls, “Bad Girl” (New York Dolls, Mercury)
Hangmen, “What A Girl Can’t Do” (What A Girl Can’t Do, Windian)
Damned, “Antipope” (Machine Gun Etiquette, Drastic Plastic)
Chrome Cranks, “Stuck In A Cave” (Self-titled, HoZac)
The Five, “Death” (Bloodstains Across The Midwest, Bootleg)
Broken Prayer, “Pigeon” (Misanthropocentric A.K.A. Droid's Blood, Sorry State)
Bow Wow Wow, “Hello, Hello Daddy (I'll Sacrifice You)” (See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah! City All Over, Go Ape Crazy!, RCA)
Natural Causes, “Poppers” (Self-titled, Snot Releases)
The Soft Moon, “Wrong” (Deeper, Captured Tracks)
Savage Republic, “Next to Nothing” (Tragic Figures, Independent Project Records)
Minimal Man, “He Who Falls” (The Shroud Of, Boutique)
Gonzo Violence, “Ghetto Tactics” (Dekalb Brawl City Comp, Don’t Panic)
Vacant Life, “Press Gang” (Pain Compliance, Iron Lung)
Vaaska, “Mierda Systema” (Todos Contra Todos, Beach Impediment)
Conflict, “Do You Get The Picture?” (The Final Conflict, PHR)
Holder’s Scar, “Sin Without Doubt” (Sin Without Doubt, To Live A Lie)
Circle Jerks, “Political Stu” (Wild in the Streets, Frontier)
Battalion of Saints, “Too Much Fun” (Second Coming, Enigma)
No Fraud, “Aggression” (Revolt!, “The 1984 Demos, Six Weeks)
Thurneman, “Finns Det Inget För Oss” (De Räknar Mina Dagar + The Early Years, Gaphals)
BGK, “Holiday In Lebanon” (A Dutch Feast, Alternative Tentacles)
The Rubies, “Take It Easy Casanova” (Souvenirs of the Soul Clap Vol. 3, Norton)
Rolling Stones, “Gimme Shelter” (Hot Rocks 1964-1971, ABKCO)