#392 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast

Feb 12, 2016

#392 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast


Photo by Meztli Hernandez


Hello and welcome to my latest podcast for Razorcake.

By the time this podcast debuts 2015 will be a recent memory and the relics will be the records that came out during the year. For me, some were mouth-wateringly anticipated and some were awesome surprises. Hopefully, you too have picked up some tasty pieces of ear candy. I’d love to hear from you and what you thought were the best of the year. Here are mine:

1. Uranium Club: Human Exploration12”
2. Night Birds: Mutiny at Muscle Beach LP
3. Royal Headache: High LP
4. Coneheads: LP 1 LP
5. Radioactivity: Silent Kill LP
6. G.L.O.S.S.: Demo Cassette
7. C.C.T.V. 7”
8. Flesh World: Wild Animals in My LifeLP
9. Simpletones: California LP (reissue)
10. Diat: Positive Energy 12”

Thanks for listening and for supporting Razorcake! See you in 2016.


Worriers: “Chasing” Imaginary Life LP (Don Giovanni)
The Van Buren Wheels: “C’mon Be Mine” Self-titled 10” (Slovenly)
C.C.T.V.: “Paranoia” Self-titled 7”(Lumpy)
Muff Divers: “Does the Pope Shit in His Hat?” No Muff Too Tuff 7” (Lumpy)
Coneheads: “The Way Things Am” LP 1…LP (Erste Theke Tontrager)
Dawn Of Humans: “Mangled Puzzle” Slurping at the Cosmos Spine LP
Frenzy: “Violent Night” Disconnected7” (Hardcore Survives)
La Misma: “Cidade Velha” Kanizadi LP (Toxic State)
Latex: “Nothing to Say” Losing Game7” (World Gone Mad, Sensual World)
Solutions: “Cellular Activity” Life of Joy 12” (Iron Lung)
Night Birds: “Life Is Not Amusement for Me” Mutiny at Muscle Beach LP (Fat)
Nervosas: “Permanently Isolated” Self-titled LP (Dirtnap)
Dillinger Four: “Sellthehousesellthecarsellthekids…” Situationist Comedy LP (Fat)
Selby Tigers: “Geometry Is a Lie” Charm CityLP (Hopeless)
Uranium Club: “Sun Belt” Human Exploration 12” (Fashionable Idiots)
Diat: “Hurricane” Positive Energy 12” (Iron Lung)