#391 with Daryl: Razorcake Podcast

Feb 05, 2016

#391 with Daryl: Razorcake Podcast


Is there anything better than getting records in the mail? Not as far as I can tell. Hope you enjoy these tracks. And remember, if you're feeling down, just order some records.


Cold World, “Cracks of Hate” (featuring Meyhem Lauren) (How the Gods Chill? LP, Deathwish)
No Statik, “Male Gaze” (Unity and Fragmentation LP, Iron Lung)
Treasure Fleet, “The Village Idiot” (Sun Machine LP, Recess)
SNFU, “Cannibal Cafe” (…And No One Else Wanted to Play LP, BYC)
der Faden, “Filaments” (Best Guess 7”, Dirt Cult)
White Murder, “Ursula” (Form Early LP, Recess / Razorcake / Ruin)
Diarrhea Planet, “Raft Nasty” (Loose Jewels LP, Infinity Cat)
Soft Shoulder, “Best Bread” (No Draw LP, Gilgongo)
Blank Pages, “No Reception” (No Reception 7”, Dirt Cult)
Basement Benders, “Horizon” (Lydiad LP, No Idea)
The Rats, “Defiance” (Intermittent Signals LP, Mississippi)
Minutemen, “Cut” (Buzz or Howl LP, SST)
Martha, “1967, I Miss You I’m Lonely” (Courting Strong LP, Salinas)
Spiritualized, “Broken Heart” (Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space LP, Plain)