#388 with Tim Brooks: Razorcake Podcast

Jan 15, 2016

#388 with Tim Brooks: Razorcake Podcast

It’s been a weird year. I was looking for some time to see a friend and listen to music. I didn’t have a real agenda for today’s pod; I wanted to play some stuff people maybe hadn’t heard or had forgotten about. I also wanted to step back a bit after we said goodbye to a good friend. Remember, the internet isn’t everything. Dig around, look for stuff… don’t listen to what everyone else says….

-Tim Brooks

Leatherface, “Spingtime”
Wurzles, “I Am a Cider Drinker”
Substandard, “Rostok”
Slumgang, “Double Crossed Again”
Cowboy Killers, “Tick Tock”
Nerves, “Caught Out Again”
Riff Raff, “I Wanna Be a Cosmonaut”
Empire, “Hot Seat”
A Touch Of Hysteria, “Rulers”
This Damn Town, “Bible to the Bottle”
Blaggers ITA, “Ten Years On”
Abs, “Same Mistake Twice”
Les Thugs, “Raining Again”
Secret V’s, “No Life like It”
Dials, “Television Silence”
Quads, “There Must Be Thousands”
Sandiest, “Can You Hear the Message”
Circles, “Opening”
Skiplickers, “Worthless Society”