#387 with Mr. Cap: Razorcake Podcast

Jan 08, 2016

#387 with Mr. Cap: Razorcake Podcast

Hello again, my name is Jorge A. Zepeda also known as Cachuchin aka Mr. Cap. This is my second Razorcake podcast and I’m following the same formula as before, all Spanish songs, if you liked the previous podcast you’ll definitely like this one. Like I stated before I am a native of Tijuana, Mexico, born and raised and currently living in the most visited city in the world. However there are some draw backs in living in a border city like Tijuana.

One of those is crossing the border up to the US. I personally don’t cross the border up north that much, but I ocassinally do go to shows in the US. Unfortunately, on the day that Daryl and myself scheduled to do the podcast, which was a Friday around noon, I woke up at 6:00 AM and checked on the internet the border crossing wait times for San Ysidro, I saw that there was no wait time crossing by foot. I got to the border in San Ysidro around 8:30, just to realize that the pedestrian line was way up to the back and around, a lot of people we’re commenting on the probable crossing times, some people we’re saying two hours, others three hours, also there are transports that charge $5 to cross the border, which sometimes take longer then just waiting in the pedestrian line, is not even worth it. Around 10:30 I sent a message to Daryl about the delay, because I wasn’t even close to the port of entry. It felt like an eternity, and when I was just fifty feet away from the entry a CBP officer didn’t allow my line to move forward because, the delay was caused is because somebody cut in line and the officer requested assistance from the local Mexican cop to remove the person. After that we were let through, however I was too tired to even walk. When it came time to cross to the otherside it was 1 PM. Yep, 1 in the afternoon. I immediately got to the cheap buses that go to Los Angeles, however, there was a delay in Huntington Park. I got a ride to Downtown and then got the 83 bus to Highland Park. I finally arrived at Daryl’s house at around 7:30 PM. It was my first time doing the trip from Tijuana to his house like that and it was a not-so-wild ten hour adventure. The only thing I can take from this experience is that you always have to be wearing comfortable shoes… the key will always be comfortable shoes.

-Mr. Cap

Los Apson, “Satisfaccion” Satisfaccion LP
Accidente, “Vendistes tu yo al Poder” Self-titled LP
Bombon, “La Playa” Las Chicas del BombonLP
Ruleta Rusa, “La ley” La Ley 7” EP
Mugre, “En Estos Tiempos” En Estos Tiempos 7” EP
Sacrificio, “Dame Chance” Juventud Descerebrada7” EP
Mundo Muerto, “Politicos Falsos” Rompe el Silencio 7” EP
Tropiezo, “Dando Vueltas (Hacia Lado)” Tropiezo/Vivisick 7” split EP
NN, “Es Anarquista” Noise Ordinance, Maximum Rocknroll Comp LP
Tuberculosis, “Disfrazandose” Disfrazandose7” EP
Juventud Crasa, “Calor Entre Dientes” Self-titled 7” EP
Lifes Halt!, “No Estoy Loco” Start Something, Lifes Halt!/What Happens Next, Split LP
Lenguas Largas, “Ese Culito” Ese CulitoLP
Big Crux, “Buscando” Ponchito LP
Freddys, “Sin tu Amor” Grandes Exitos3 x LP

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