#386 with John Di Marco: Razorcake Podcast

Jan 01, 2016

#386 with John Di Marco: Razorcake Podcast

We continue to travel through time and weight, flexing our punk rock timequake, collecting all the time we waste. We worry too hard or worry not enough. We protest to survive and spill our guts, then lock up inside and build our own rut. We drink to pain and pain to drink. That broken feeling—it seems hopeless but it never is, friends.

-John Di Marco

The Miscasts, "Another Talk" (Hardcore Kitchen)
Nomeansno, "New Age" (Allied)
Absolut, "Neo Fuckers" (Electric Assault)
Rammer, "Manifestor" (Shifty)
Goat Boy, "Crossing the Border" (Fans of Bad Productions)
AK47 (Canada), "We Should Have Known" (Reason)
Ex-Cathedra, "Something Coming Down" (Damaged Goods)
King Friday, "Brush Your Teeth" (A.D.D.)
The Partisans, "Blind Ambition"
Eight Dayz, "What's So Strange About Me?"
Rail, "Faith 51" (Front Porch)
Annalise, "Understanding Amy" (Pigdog)
Shellshag, "Means That Much to Me" (Don Giovanni)
Santa Ana Knights, "Knight School"
Leatherface, "A Public House" (Clawfist)
The Ruts, "Babylon's Burning" (Strange Fruit)
H.D.Q., "Through My Eyes" (Loony Tunes)
Leatherface, "Leatherface" (Roughneck)
Stokoe, "Insomnia Dipsomania" (Rookie)
H.D.Q., "Hand Me Downs" (Boss Tunage)
Leatherface" "Isn't Life Just Sweet" (Big Ugly Fish)
Dickie Hammond, "Planes, Trains and Goodbyes"