#384 with Mr. Cap: Razorcake Podcast

Dec 18, 2015

#384 with Mr. Cap: Razorcake Podcast

Hello there, my name is Jorge A. Zepeda, also known as Cachuchin, aka Mr. Cap and I am a native from Tijuana, Mexico. This is my first Razorcake podcast and my first ever podcast to participate in. I decided to do something a little bit different, in this one I talked completely in Spanish, even though I was a little bit nervous at first and did not have a clue on what to say, also I thought it was a good idea to include non-English songs in there majority in the Spanish language from bands located in Mexico, Central/South America, US, and Europe. With a little help my friends I was able to compile a small selection of very good records to include in this podcast. Thank you Daryl, Marco, Skalex, Fernando, and Gobi for helping me with this.

If you don’t understand the Spanish language, don’t worry about it, I am pretty confident that if you dig punk rock, you’ll definitely like the selection of tunes in this podcast. Remember there are no borders… FUCK BORDERS.

-Mr. Cap

Los Crudos, “Mediocre” (Los Crudos / MK-Ultra 7” Split)
Bumbklaatt, “Decayendo” (Corrosion 7” EP)
Maladie, “Avancemos Frente en Alto” (Self-titled 7” EP)
Teenage Kicks, “Te Acuerdas Cuando…?” (4 Pasos Al Power Bailes 7” EP)
Vaaska, “Ruido Hasta la Muerte” (Ruido Hasta la Muerte LP)
Crimen, “Traicion” (El Problema Eres TuLP)
Inservibles, “No Nos Dieron Ni Madres” (Self-titled 7” EP)
La Misma, “Arete” (Self-titled 7” EP)
Ornitorrincos, “Quiero Escuchar mi Vinilo de los Germs” (Punk to Cross Borders 7” split w/La Flingue)
Picking Up The Pieces, “Comienza” (El Tiempo Se Va 7” EP)
Sangre Joven, “Los Mejores Tiempos” (El Tiempo Es Ahora LP)
L'AMICO DI MARTUCCI, “Invierno y Verano” (Self-titled 7” EP)
Volver, “Puro Trip” (Puro Trip 7” EP)
Los Solitarios, “Solo a ti te Quiero” (45 single)

PS: Here are some links of the bands I played… check ‘em out.
Bumbklaatt (Tijuana, Mexico)
Teenage Kicks (Tijuana, Mexico)
Vaaska (Austin, Texas)
Crimen (Mexico City)
Inservibles (Mexico City)
La Misma (New York City)
Ornitorrincos (Porto AlegreBrazil)
Picking up the pieces (Mexico City)
Volver (Guatemala)

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