#383 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Dec 11, 2015

#383 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

I grew up in a small city in suburban/rural Indiana. I went to college in a small town of two thousand people in central Indiana. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that I moved to a big city—Seattle. Sure, I had experience with visiting cities such as Chicagoand Indianapolis, but living in one was a different story.

At first I was overwhelmed with the diversity and size. How would I ever find my way around? Could I navigate public transit? I soon created a routine and things didn’t see so big. A few years later I moved to Boston and quickly figured things out. Almost ten years of living in big cities has helped me realize that I love the city. I love the life and vitality it brings as well as the myriad of diversity and opportunities. Sure, there’s still a part of me that will always be a small town person, but walking in Chinatown or amongst skyscrapers I can’t help but feel like, “Golly gee! How did this small town boy ever get here?” And I feel so lucky to have made it.

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Joy Division, “Warsaw” Substance (Factory)
Four Hundred Years, “Philadelphia” The New Imperialism (Lovitt)
Planes Mistaken For Stars, “End Me in Richmond” Fuck with Fire (No Idea)
Song Of Zarathustra, “Murder in La Jolla” Discography(Blood Of The Young)
Pig Destroyer, “Alexandria” Phantom Limb (Relapse)
Drive Like Jehu, “Bullet Train to Vegas (Live at KXLU)” (Don’t Forget To) Breathe (Crank!)
NakatomiPlaza, “Next Bus to New Orleans” Private Property (Immigrant Sun)
The Allstonians, “Allston, Mass” Mash It Up, Vol. 3 (DVS)
Burning Airlines, “WheatonCalling” Mission: Control! (DeSoto)
Bad Brains, “Banned in D. C.” Self-titled (ROIR)
Misfits, “London Dungeon” Collection I
Desaparacidos, “Greater Omaha” Read Music / Speak Spanish (Saddle Creek)
Seven Storey, “Second Rome” Dividing By Zero (Deep Elm)
The Casket Lottery, “March on to Babylon”Possiblies And Maybes (Second Nature)

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