#379 with Simon and Shereen: Razorcake Podcast

Nov 13, 2015

#379 with Simon and Shereen: Razorcake Podcast


Simon, Shereen, and Todd get together one more time to talk about bands from Europe, their periods (or lack thereof), and an intricate web of amazing music that comes from a place that is actually called PityMe. And play fifteen kickass tunes. Only one person was drinking during this recording. Can you guess who it is?


Personal Best, "If You Meet Someone in Love (Wish Them Well)” Arnos Vale
Genderdog, "Forget” Neurosis Party
This Lips, "Gemini Moon” Divorce Year
Deadpanzies, "Fifa 15” Single
Kim And The Created, "Never Again” Self-titled
Tacocat, "Crimson Wave” NVM
ONSIND, "Frankland Prison Blues” Anesthesiology
Shit Present, “Anxious Type” (Specialist Subject)
Bennie Crust, “House of Straw” (Self-released)
Kate’s Party, “Crumbs” (Toast Office)
The Brahms, “Homerun” (Self-released)
The Achtungs, “You” (Going Underground)
SOAK, “Blud” (Rough Trade)
Lions, “Tähän aikaan vuodesta” (Self-released)
The Billie Idles,"Children En Heat" Everything Was Cliché and Nothing Was Original (Self-released, tomgrrrl.bandcamp.com)
Worriers, "Yes All Cops" Imaginary Life (Don Giovanni)