#378 with Bianca and Rhea: Razorcake Podcast

Nov 06, 2015

#378 with Bianca and Rhea: Razorcake Podcast

Bianca, Rhea, and Todd join forces once more, despite stifling daytime heat and numerous social obligations, to play some jams, and also dish about Rhea’s London-Amsterdam-Berlin tour with her band Sister Mantos, zine robots, and actual lip gloss for sale in the 99-Cent Store that comes in disgusting flavors like pickle. At some point, it is revealed that Bianca’s “vacations” are really just her reading travel books and Google-street-viewing foreign places, which isn’t as sad as it sounds (at least she’s dreaming!). It’s a rollicking good time and a nice accompaniment to folding a bunch of laundry.


Zig Zags, "Sunken City" (Slime EP, Famous Class)
Caves, "Tears" (Betterment, Bombed Out)
Butchies, "More Rock More Talk" (Population 1975, Mr. Lady)
Storeetellers, "Secretly Psycho" (Kiss Your Frogs, Hug Your Boos, Self-released)
TV Ugly, "Slow Thighs" (UCLA Yankee Cola, Alarum)
Partyline, "Nuthaus" (Zombie Terrorist)
Worriers, "Chasing" (Imaginary Life, Don Giovanni)
Heavy Flow, “Birthing”
Traps PS, “Leaders and Greeters”
The Internet, “Get Away”
Downtown Boys, “Wave of History”
Savages, “Shut Up”
Shopping, “Long Way Home”