#375 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Oct 09, 2015

#375 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Will I ever move past my interest in punctuation? If so, it’s not going to be any time soon. They seem to make for entertaining podcasts. This one is all songs with apostrophes in the title. In fact, I found so many in my song library that this is going to be a two-parter. Hold on to your hats, grammar nerds! We’re in for a fun-filled ride. (Ooh, “fun-filled” gets me thinking—perhaps I should do a podcast of songs with hyphens in the title!)

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Face To Face, “Don’t Change” Standards & Practices (Vagrant)
The Black Heart Procession, “It’s a Crime I Never Told You about the Diamonds in Your Eyes” 2 (Touch and Go)
Oil Boom, “Ball O’ Fire” Red Metal (Self-released)
Mudhoney, “Touch Me I’m Sick” Superfuzz Bigmuff (Sub Pop)
Savages, “City’s Full” Silence Yourself (Matador)
Redd Kross, “Annette’s Got the Hits” Annette’s Got the Hits (Posh Boy)
Strand Of Oaks, “Goshen ‘97” Heal (Dead Oceans)
Death, “You’re a Prisoner” …For the Whole World to See (DragCity)
Fable, “Hank’s Return” A Testament to Broken Walls (Backroad)
White Lighter, “That’s Right” Self-titled (Northern)
Fellsway, “Through a Soldier’s Eyes” I’m Your Biggest Fan, Vol. 1 (Tooth & Nail)
Grabass Charlestons, “Dale & Cassandra’s Relapse” Dale & The Careeners (No Idea)
Bats & Mice, “Around What’s Done” A Person Carrying a Handmade Paper Bag Is Considered as a Royal Person (Lovitt)