#373 with Noah Wolf: Razorcake Podcast, Crust Punk Part II

Sep 25, 2015

#373 with Noah Wolf: Razorcake Podcast, Crust Punk Part II

Goodbye for now Los Angeles. My partner Sabrina is starting her Masters program in social work.

Do we get credit for the hard work and good deeds of those we love? If so, can I take credit for Todd Taylor’s tireless work, kindness, compassion, willingness to evolve, and ability to meld unbending ethics and ideologies with an ever-growing sense of what it means to contribute meaningfully to a revolutionary existence? Can I write in a manner that confuses readers? Will our podcast follow suit?

So I am leaving Los Angeles. Everything was chaotic when we did this podcast, for instance I had already packed half, or more, of my LPs. So the theme is goodbye L.A.; this is all I got left for you and it’s filled with LOVE. I play songs that Todd remembers from his youth, and my super youth, and we reminisce and wonder.

Introduction: The Crust Punk podcast is covered with flour. It looks and smells like the kitchen I want to work in. There is no hierarchy and lacks organization but has an energy that denies impediments and works to recognize and shed its white/cis/male privilege.

But I still sometimes talk over people. Sorry, Todd. I am trying. There is a lot of music from the ‘80s.


Polyrock, “Bucket Rider” Polyrock(RCA)
Voigt-Kampf, “The Great White North” Voight-Kampf(Deranged)
Oingo Boingo, “Who Do You Want To Be” Good for Your Soul (A&M)
Romeo Void, “Never Say Never” N V R Say N V R (Columbia)
Nation Of Ulysess “Comment on Ritual” Plays Pretty for Baby (Dischord)
Pere Ubu, “Non-Alignment Pact”, The Modern Dance (Blank)
Refused, “Liberation Frequency” The Shape of Punk to Come (Burning Heart)
Murder City Devils, “18 Wheels” Broken Bottles, Empty Hearts (Sub Pop)
The Monks, “Complication” Black Time (International)
Wipers, “Tragedy” Is This Real? (Jackpot/Zeno)