#372 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Sep 18, 2015

#372 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Decided to change it up this time around, screw the jibber jabber. Fourteen tracks with only one obligatory break.

But enough about podcasts, I’d like to use this space to say congrats to two friends who have recently embarked into the scary world of being a small business owners while maintaining their DIY ehtics. Andrew and his studio Golden Beat Recording Studio and Kasper with his spankin’ new skate shop in Alhambra, Underground Skate Supply. Keep them in mind when looking for either someone to record your band, or a place to pick up some new skate equipment. I’m proud of the both of ya.

Take care,

Sheer Mag, “Fan the Flames” (2nd 7”, Katorga Works / Wilsuns)
Connoisseur, “Orc Summer” (Stoner JusticeLP, Tankcrimes)
Failed Mutation, “Barriers” (We Are a…7”, Self-released)
Listen Lady, “Baby, I’m Manic” (Self-titled 7”, Cat Dead, Details Later / Off The Books / Double Dos)
Rats Rest, “Little Maniac” (Permanent Catastrophe 7”, Erste Theke Tonträger)
Basement Benders, “Native Tongues” (Self-titled 7”, Dead Broke / Drunken Sailor)
KentState, “Planetary Wounds” (Samsara 7”, Debt Offensive)
Spent Flesh, “Born Again Palestinian” (Deviant Burial Customs 7”, Rockstar / P. Trash)
Johns, “Nails & Walls” (Grift MarksLP, Peterwalkee)
Worriers, “Plans” (Imaginary Life LP, Don Giovanni)
Underground Railroad To Candyland, “The People Are Home” (The People Are Home LP,Recess)
Hard Left, “Kicking It Off” (We Are…LP, Future Perfect)
Buck Biloxi And The Fucks, “Pork” (Streets of Rage LP, Hozac)
Radioactivity, “Pretty Girl” (Silent KillLP, Dirtnap)