#367 with Bianca and Rhea: Razorcake Podcast

Aug 14, 2015

#367 with Bianca and Rhea: Razorcake Podcast

Nothing played during this podcast will radiate out of your speakers in stoney waves to break your bong. No one explains what a denouement is (unfortunately). Rhea, Todd, and Bianca spend a bit of time discussing whether or not an L.A. neighborhood called “Skidrokyo” (Skid Row + Little Tokyo) exists, and the pros and cons of a wood facial, and, of course, playing some great music.


To download the file to your computer, right click the link above and select "save target as..." It's a hefty file, so it may take some time to download to your computer. To play the file without downloading (it depends on your computer's configuration for playing music files), just click it. Your media player should recognize what to do with an mp3. (If it doesn't, you're on your your own.)

Michael Vidal, “Dreams (Come Back to Me)”
Lilacs, “Samantha’s Salvation”
Arthur Russell, “Time Away”
The Bags, “Survive”
The Splits, "I Know" (II, Dirtnap)
Underground Railroad To Candyland, "This Is a Blind Date!" (The People Are Home, Recess)
TacocaT, "F.U. #8" (NVM, Hardly Art/ADA US)
Pow!, "The Heart and the Spade" (Fight Fire, Castleface)
Heavy Times, "Lantern Trail" (7” single on Windian)
Facials, “Fumigate,” Self-titled LP (Chaos Rurale)
Facials, “homos 2gethr 4evr,” Self-titled LP (Chaos Rurale)