#365 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Jul 24, 2015

#365 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

When I finished my last trilogy of podcasts (ones related to the calendar), I thought, “That’s it. I won’t be able to come up with another set of three podcasts that are related.”

Then I noticed a song with a comma in it, thought I’d find other songs with commas in the title, and make a podcast of those. But I wondered, “Are there songs that have other forms of punctuation in them?” Lo and behold, I discovered I have a number of tunes with exclamation points and question marks in them.

Thus, a new trilogy of podcasts was created by a grammar nerd.

Fun fact: I have a copyediting certificate, so this really shouldn’t be unexpected.

–Kurt [email protected]

Ampere, “Maps, Legends” Like Shadows (No Idea)
Charles Bronson, “The Painful, Yet Unavoidable Death Star Comparison” Complete Discocrappy (Youth Attack!)
Jeremin, “Of Life, Death, and Immortality” KOTM7” (King Of The Mountain)
Terror Couple, “This is Spokane, Fuck LA” Spokanarchy! original soundtrack (Flat Field)
Samhain, “All Murder, All Guts, All Fun” Intium(Plan 9)
7 Seconds, “Walk Together, Rock Together” Walk Together, Rock Together (BYO)
Colossal, “Nothing, Thank You” Welcome the Problems (Asian Man)
Facing New York, “A Tempest, A Dance” Swimming Not Treading (Self-released)
The Get Up Kids, “I’m a Loner Dottie, A Rebel…” Something to Write Home About (Vagrant)
Martitme, “People, the Vehicles” We, The Vehicles (Flameshovel)
Maserati, “I Have a Dagger, It’s Shaped like a Lighting Bolt” 37:29:24 (Allay)
Neutral Milk Hotel, “Holland, 1945” In the Aeroplane over the Sea(Merge)
Texas Is The Reason, “If It’s Here When We Get Back, It’s Ours” Self-titled EP (Revelation)
Trusty, “Goodbye, Dr. Fate” 20 Years of Dischord (Dischord)
Chelsea Wolfe, “Ancestors, The Ancients” Pain Is Beauty (Sargent House)