#363 with Keith Rosson: Razorcake Podcast

Jul 10, 2015

#363 with Keith Rosson: Razorcake Podcast

So here’s what happened: I traveled to L.A. on a trip and came up with a playlist on my little MP3 thing, and then I went to Razorcake HQ and Todd and I shot the shit about various stuff like doing reviews, and bands, and how it’s kind of weird to draw stuff when you’re almost blind and shit, and in between that we hit shuffle on that MP3 thingy and played whatever came up. And we drank a beer each. And then we went to a show and watched some bands play in a garage. And then I went to Covina, but that’s another story.

–Keith Rosson

Measure [SA], “Old Crow” (Kiss Of Death)
Warsong, “Feel The Darkness” (Sabotage)
Holy Mountain, “Here Is No Exit” (No Idea)
Gordon Gano’s Army, “Fading Out” (Dirt Cult)
User Error, “Hey Fuckers” (Protagonist)
The Assistant, “Five Year Old Mentality” (Milligram)
Brokedowns, “Born on the Bayou Too” (Red Scare)
Worthwhile Way, “A Lotus Flower in Muddy Water” (ADD)
Plow United, “The War Is Over and Our Side Won” (Jump Start)
Bitchin’, “Utilizing (Demo Version)” (???)
Hi Ho Silver, Away!, “Le Sabre” (It’s Alive)
X, “Soul Kitchen” (Slash)
Fresh Coats, “A Perfect World” (Not Tapes Not Bombs)
John Brown Battery, “Postcards from the Edge of Pennsylvania” (Kill You For A
New Junk City, “Libertines” (No Breaks)
AK-47, “One In Three” (???)
Needless//Pins, “I’m a Drag” (Dirt Cult)
Riverboat Gamblers, “The Ol’ Smash and Grab” (Paper + Plastick)
No//Se, “If I’ve Told You Once” (Rotten To The Core)