#360 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast

#360 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast

“When the music industry started collapsing, the logical people understood that the only place to go for shelter was the underground. If the world on the surface is burning up, and you know people that have bunkers, go to the bunkers.” –will.i.am

The New Sound of Numbers, “Complete” (Invisible Magnetic, Cloud)
Rumspringer, “It’s Been A While…” (Split EP w/ Sister Kisser, Dead Broke)
Denizenz, “Black Hole” (No Rules! No Fun, No Fun)
Shitty Neighbors, “First Mistake” (Shake! It Up Vol. 1 comp, Shake!)
Transport, “Body Buildings” (self-titled, self-released)
Nots, “Reactor” (We Are Nots, Goner)

Beach Slang, “Filthy Luck” (Who WouldEver WantAnything So Broken?, Dead Broke)
Crispy Nuts, “Lonely” (White Pussy At The Titty Twister split, Rockin’ Bones)
Radioactivity, “Don’t Try” (Self-titled, Dirtnap)
Livids, “Spoof Attack” (SheLikesZits, Twistworthy)
Neighborhood Brats, “Complete Mess” (Recovery, Deranged)
The Mormons, “High School Dog Kid” (Forge Ahead EP, mormansband.com)
March Violets, “Religious As Hell” (The Botanic Verses, Jungle)

Davidians, “Night Terrors” (Night Terrors, Sorry State)
S.H.I.T., “Feeding Time” (Feeding Time, Static Shock)
Die Kreuzen, “Hate Me” (Cows and Beer, BeerCity)
Sorry State, “Misery” (Barrio Uprising Vol. 1 comp, Sino Tequila)
Skemäta, “Parasites” (Self-titled, Sorry State)
Terveet Kadet – Yksi Miljoonassa” (Piinaavanautinto, SPHC)
C.O.M.A., “Tête de Gomme” (Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik, Danger)

Romans, “You Only Live Once” (Color The Reality comp, Monsterface)
Division Four, “Sewer Song” (1983 Demo Cassette, Smartguy)