#359 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Jun 12, 2015

#359 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Yep, it’s another Razorcake podcast. Where the best conversation is done while the songs are playing. Hope you hear something that inspires you. Because if you’re not listening to music that inspires you, why are you listening to it?


Really Red, “Too Political?” (Teaching You the Fear LP, re-issued on Alternative Tentacles)
Pale Angels, “I’m Nobody” (Imaginary People LP, Recess / Specialist Subject)
No Sir I Won’t, “Occupy” (Split 12” with Autonomy, Dead Broke / Dirt Cult)
Dark Ages, “Into Gray” (Vapor LP, Sorry State)
Supercrush, “I Don’t Wanna Be Sad Anymore” (7” on Debt Offensive)
Rifle Diet, “Evil Men’s Deeds” (No Solace12”EP, Blood Of The Young / Profane Existence)
Albert DeMuth, “Finally Found a Job” (Self-titled LP, Self-released)
Badlands, “Dreams” (Dark Dreams 7”, Porchcore)
Endless Column, “Endless Column Summer” (Summer7”, Taken By Surprise / Twin Toe)
Ruleta Rusa, “Reinara” (Me Dan Asco7”, Modern Action)
Detached Objects, “Look Away” (Self-titled 12”EP, Gilgongo)
Miscalculations, “Alsatian” (A View for Glass Eyes LP, Rockstar)
Toys That Kill, “I Am Decided” (Split 7” with Joyce Manor, Recess)
Really Red, “Ritual” (Rest in PainLP, re-issued on Alternative Tentacles)