#358 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast

#358 with Jimmy Alvarado: Razorcake Podcast

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”
–Albert Schweitzer



The Drips, “Destroy the Chemistry” (Destroy the Chemistry, Hostage)
Omens, “I Need Your Love” (Send Black Flowers, Hipsville)
Lotus Lame and the Lame Flames, “Bad Sex” (Hell Comes To Your House Part II, Bemisbrain)
Electro-Man, “Go Go GO” (Bloodstains Across Buffalo comp, bootleg)
Negative Trend, “How Ya Feelin’” (self-titled, Superior Viaduct)
Power Trip, “Permanent Damage” (Lab Animal, Mystic)

External Menace, “Youth of Today” (Coalition Blues, Loud Punk)
UK Subs, “Deconstruct” (Yellow Leader, Captain Oi)
Autistic Youth, “Ghosts in My Past” (Nonage, Dirtnap)
Voight-Kampff, “Little Dyings” (Last House On The Right, Deranged)
Autonomy, “Man Should Surrender” (split w/ Street Eaters, Off The Books)

Spoiled Brats, “Rich Kid” (Rich Kid, Real Records)
The Cartoons, “Who Cares” (She’s a Rock and Roller, Last Laugh)
Human Therapy, “No More” (American Dream, Artcore Fanzine)
78 Revolutions Per Minute, “Tell Me Something” (Figure It Out, Cheetah’s)
SOA, “Riot” (First Demo 12/29/80, Dischord)
Angels of Mischief, “Vicious Mind” (Barrio Uprising Vol. 1 comp, Sino Tequila)
Oblivionation, “18 to 1” (Cult of Culture, Man in Decline)
Shattered Faith, “Modern Convenience” (Modern Convenience, Hostage)

The Chills, “Pink Frost” (Pink Frost, Flying Nun)