#356 with Samantha Beerhouse: Razorcake Podcast

May 08, 2015

#356 with Samantha Beerhouse: Razorcake Podcast

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed my previous foray into podcasting. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I had enough new punk music to share (or at least, bands that have not already been featured by friends also on the Razorcake podcast wagon)—gotta keep that shit fresh. Unless there’s an audience for old gospel and calypso records? I still don’t have a jean vest but maybe if I make a bunch of patches for obscure Trinidadian musicians, I’d finally be cool. Not impressed? Enjoy the above picture of a toilet from the Museum of Sex in Amsterdam.

-Samantha Beerhouse

Stalins Of Sound, “Monkeys Attack” Tank Tracks (Slovenly)---
Night Birds, “Born To Die In Suburbia” Born to Die in Suburbia (Grave Mistake)
Screaming Females, “Ripe” RoseMountain(Don Giovanni)
Libyans, “In the Name of Order” Expired Language (Sorry State)
Johnny Thunders, “Get Off the Phone”D.T.K.- Live at the Speakeasy 15 March 1977
The Barreracudas, “Don't Roll Your Eyes at Me” Nocturnal Missions (Douchemaster)
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Date with the Night” 7”
Kalashnikov, “Vivi In Un’Era Di Caos Psichico” Living in a Pschy-caos Era(Self-released)
Pears, “Terrible” Go to Prison(Anxious And Angry)
Lightning Bolt, “13” Ride the Skies(Load)
Shitty Limits, “Comedy Quiz” Speculate/Accumulate(Sorry State)
Gateway District, “SunkenCity” Old Wild Hearts (It’s Alive)
Baby Shakes, “What Can You Do?” Baby Shakes (Douchemaster)
Neighborhood Brats, “One Wasted Year” Recovery(Deranged)
The Clash, “White Riot” The Clash
The Ergs, “Pray for Rain” Dork Rock Cork Rod (Don Giovanni)
Tenement, “Sitcom Moms” Bruised Music Vol. 1 (Grave Mistake / Toxic Pop)
Tranzmitors, “Dream Our Dreams Away” 7” (React)