#354 with John Di Marco: Razorcake Podcast

Apr 17, 2015

#354 with John Di Marco: Razorcake Podcast

Life throws curveballs, and I've always been good at handling them, but for some reason these days it's a little bit harder to get to work, and a much easier to maximumselfmedicate, hiding behind the bleachers.

-John Di Marco

N.R.F.B., "Mosquito" (Major Label)
Thatcher On Acid, "I'll Probably Laugh At This One Day" (Allied)
Bear Trade, "Dolly Mixtures" (Dead Broke/Everything Sucks)
Tiltwheel, "Fuck You Yams" (Dead Broke)
Lee Moses, "If Loving You Is A Crime"
Youth Youth Youth, "Why Pay More"
Brutal Youth, "Irrational Fear of Water" (My Fingers My Brain/Get Party)
The Victim Party, "An Evening with Colin" (Ugly Pop)
Jack Palance Band, "The Feeling" (A.D.D.)
Sub Society, "The Isolator" (Vinyl Communications)
The Kinks, "Misty Water"
Jean Claude Jam Band, "Disappear" (Dead Broke)
Pegboy, "Mr. Pink" (Quarterstick)
Lenguas Largas, "No Wrong No Right" (Recess)
Drunken Boat, "Kids Don't Follow" [Replacements] (Must Yearn)
Olivelawn, "College Volume Pedal" (Nemesis)
HDQ, "Toronto" (Boss Tuneage/Unsane Asylum)
Blundermen, "Wasted Days" (Raggamuffin Soldier)
The Rebel Spell, "I Heard You Singing" (Rebel Time)
The Tim Version, "Funny Movies"
Jesse, "Jack Christ" (Rugger Bugger)
Underground Railroad To Candyland, "Yer Not the Only One" (Water Under The Bridge)

“There’s no point in waiting for some kind of lesson. It’s time, to start taking” –Future Virgins, ‘Posi Jam’

With 2015 declared “the year of doing,” I ditched a lot of the themed podcasts I had begun over the past few years, and chose a bunch of new, and old songs. These ones stuck in my head because of a refrain or lyric that more than likely allow me to communicate with you in a way my weary “talky bits” can’t. More room for music anyway.

“If I could just convince myself that it was long enough” –Pegboy, ‘My Youth’

The phrase “free time” seems comedic to me now, it happened. I am a small business owner, father, husband, head chef at my house, and can barely juggle two (very) part time bands. I was a city rat attacked by babies, and I love my little family and the community around it. But, what happens when you have everything you would have ever wanted, but feel pounded by responsibility, old weights, bills (both kinds), unknown roads, bad minds, isolation… depression? What do you do when it somehow continues to creep in through the fact that life is actually beautiful? (A. you make a podcast! Or go listen to Anxious & Angry, do burpies)

“In a fetal position, I’m in a frozen state” –HDQ, ‘Neverending Winter’

After the coldest February in Toronto's recorded history, I finally rode my shred stick down a smooth and dry road, feeling the hot sun again, pretty close to heaven. Days later I heard that we lost Todd Serious of beloved Canadian band The Rebel Spell in a tragic climbing accident. Todd was at Red Rock doing what he loved, challenging nature and his abilities across the terrains of the earth.

“I’d like to help you up, I’ve got power to spare / Don’t believe for a second there’s no one else there” –The Rebel Spell ‘Hopeless’

They came to town regularly through my entire thirties, three thousand miles from Vancouver in a converted vegetable grease-fueled machine. Without Todd in the world, the bands latest album Last Run, is now crushing to us. The Rebel Spell were trailblazers: musically, personally, and without a doubt, politically. They had heart and soul, and leave us with many ideas and songs of hope and freedom. Hang on to the dream, spread the love, and fight for the sun my bold friends.