#351 with Noah Wolf: Razorcake Podcast

Mar 13, 2015

#351 with Noah Wolf: Razorcake Podcast


Todd and I see each other at shows and when I make him vegan pizzas once a week at a café a few blocks from Razorcake headquarters. Usually I am looking over my shoulder because I am supposed to be taking pizzas out of an oven or amplifiers off of a stage. This is when we get to tell each other what we think of the world. (While listening to songs that make me wanna get it right!)

Besides long tangent-prone discussions that caromed off the walls of RC headquarters, we did play a bunch of songs that I think are pretty wonderful. I gave myself some guidelines so the podcast wouldn’t be too aimless, while trying at the same time to leave some room for the music not to be too restricted by rules. I would summarize this batch of tunes as being punks (a term I use more ideologically than sonically) of multiple identities and backgrounds making music of a variety of sounds with a heavy bent towards my hometown of Washington D.C.

–Noah Wolf

Fire Party, “Make It Quick” New Orleans Opera (Dischord)
Gorilla Biscuits, “Cats and Dogs” Start Today (Revelation)
Shonen Knife, “Neon Zebra” b/w “Bear Up Bison” (Sub Pop)
Neon, “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere” b/w “Bottles” (Sensible)
Prescriptions, “Disassembled” b/w “Give Me Anything But Surf Music” (Spectra-sonic)
Tweak Bird, “Bones” b/w “?” (Self-released)
Sleater Kinney, “Words and Guitar” Dig Me Out (Kill Rock Stars)
Minor Threat “Small Man, Big Mouth” First Demo Tape (Dischord)
Bleach, “Track 1”
Q And Not U, “Soft Pyramids” (Dischord)
The Evens, “Around the Corner” Self-titled (Dischord)
Big Boys, “Manipulation,” Wreck Collection (Gern Blandsten)
Caddywhompus, “Let the Water Hit the Floor” Remainder(Community)
The Good Good, “Laying Here” Self-titled (Self-released)
Black Eyes, “Someone Has His Fingers Broken” Self-titled (Dischord)
Kimya Dawson “The Beer” My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess (Important)