#349 with Russ Van Cleave: Razorcake Podcast

Feb 20, 2015

#349 with Russ Van Cleave: Razorcake Podcast

What’s up, nerds? Life has been kind enough to finally afford a spare evening for some more podcasting. There’s noting special or thematic here – just a collection of songs that have been floating around the house. I did get a little slappy with the Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds thing, but that’s probably for the best. Hopefully all you pop music fans can give me a resounding “yes” in unison on that one. I know I ramble on too much and sound like a dork but that’s for me to do and you to deal with. Maybe? Anyways, hope you enjoy and don’t forget to brush your teeth.


Lifter Puller, “To Live and Die in LBI” from Half Dead and Dynamite (No Alternative)
Pinhead Gunpowder, “Second Street” from Dillinger Four/Pinhead Gunpowder split 7” (Adeline)
Small Faces, “Get Yourself Together” from There Are But Four Small Faces (Immediate)
MDC, “I Remember” from Millions of Dead Cops (R Radical)
Moonraker, “Accident Prone” from The Age of Light (No Idea)
Slinky, “Away” from Highway 66 / Slinkysplit 7” (Backspin)
Chester, “Celebrated” from Palewords(New Granada)
Nick Lowe, “(I Love the Sound of) Breaking Glass” from Pure Pop for Now People (Some Country Down South America Way)
Dave Edmunds, “A.1. On The Jukebox” from Tracks On Wax 4 (Ugly Duckling Song)
Rockpile, “When I Write the Book” from Seconds of Pleasure (Some Country Down South America Way)
New Natives, “Gets Around” from New Natives (No Label)
Black Rainbow, “Worlds Fall Apart” from Everybody Get Together (split with Hidden Spots) (Star Cleaner)
MC5, “Kick Out the Jams” from Beat Club Recording Sessions: Bremen, Germany 1972 (No Label)
Kenny Hamber, “Ain’t Gonna Cry” from Cooler Than Ice: Arctic Records and The Rise of Philly Soul (Arctic)

Lifter Puller: Before there was The Hold Steady, there was this amazing band, Lifter Puller. Craig Finn’s distinct vocal delivery is easily recognizable for people who may already be familiar with The Hold Steady. I bought this CD many years ago and have loved it, but haven’t listened to it much since The Hold Steady came along. I’ve since rediscovered it amongst the archives and decided to feature a song from it as the first song in this podcast.

Pinhead Gunpowder: Most listeners will be familiar with Pinhead Gunpowder as the band that the dude in Green Day sings in and the dude that writes the Cometbus zine drums in. I just really like them and had recently dusted off this split with D4.

Small Faces: Legendary British rockers that featured Ronnie Lane, Steve Marriott, Kenney Jones and Jimmy Winston. Get hip! You should also probably check out that documentary on Ronnie Lane called “The Passing Show: The Life & Music of Ronnie Lane” and get some Faces records.

MDC: The timeless sounds of MDC. This jam is my favorite song from their eponymous debut rocker making it also my favorite MDC song.

Moonraker: As blathered about in the podcast, I just tracked this down after a productive trip to Arrow’s Aim Records. This a great three song EP that features a unique band that was a notable component of the 90’s music scene in Gainesville.

Slinky: This is the second song in my Florida music set. Slinky only released a handful of songs during their tenure in the late 90’s. This one was from a split they did with Gainesville’s Highway 66. This song and “Little Birdie”, the other song from that split, were two of their best in my opinion.

Chester: I really know next to nothing about this band except that they were from around here (Tampa). I’m sure they played tons of shows that I didn’t see and had other songs that were good that I’ll never hear. I’m really good at being oblivious to what is going on around me during any given point in time.

Nick Lowe: I’ve been on this extensive Nick Lowe kick for some time now. I played another song by him a few podcasts ago and now I’m playing this song from his debut record. It was really hard to pick one song from this record. I enjoy all of the songs on the record and most of them have their own unique feel. The runner-up was “Marie Provost”, a song about the circumstances surrounding the death of the silent film actress of the same name who died of alcoholism and whose body partially consumed by her wiener dog. Dave Edmunds plays guitar on this record.

Dave Edmunds: The “Nick Lowe Thing” naturally lends itself to a “Dave Edmunds Thing” so he has also received extensive airplay in this house of late. This is one of his more well-known songs. Actually, this album, Tracks on Wax 4, is probably his best record, so if you like this, start there but if that fails, remember this: it’s hard to go wrong with any Dave Edmund album recorded prior to 1980. Nick Lowe plays bass on this record.

Rockpile: Dave Edmunds plays guitar on this record. Nick Lowe plays bass on this record. It is the only Rockpile record and it’s really good.

New Natives: New Natives rolled through town earlier this year and, lucky me, I got to go see them. As mentioned herein, New Natives features Jeff from Ninja Gun but the comparisons pretty much end there.

Black Rainbow: As featured in Razorcake #83! I don’t have the full-length that they just put out, so this song comes from the split they put out with Hidden Spots a few years back.

MC5: I pretty much lifted this from the video posted at the following YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFnkSCdpdmg. The MC5 are obviously one of the most badass rock and roll bands to walk the planet and I was so impressed with the sound on this performance that I just recorded the whole show and mastered it for my own enjoyment. I really like this version of “Kick Out The Jams” but the whole set is definitely worth a half hour of your time if you at all interested in the almighty MC5.

Kenny Hamber: I really don’t know much about Kenny Hamber and was unfamiliar with him before I listened to the Arctic Records box set. Apparently, he still records and performs.