#347 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Jan 30, 2015

#347 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Years go by and I keep getting older (as is often the case). At some point I turned that corner of being annoyed at hearing older people say, “It’s amazing how fast time flies,” to finding myself saying, “It’s amazing how fast time flies.” The days lead into months that lead into years and before you know it you’re into a career and thinking, “So this is what it’s like to be an adult.”

Despite the march of time, the music endures. Sure, some tastes change, but I still listen to a lot of the same music I was into fifteen years ago. I’m also finding new music. It’s all good. As the years go by, I still enjoy punk. It saved my life and continues to renew a fire inside of me every time I listen to something that sounds out a chorus of dissatisfaction with the world.

Here is the last of my trilogy related to the calendar. The theme for this episode is songs with the word “year” or “years” in the song title. Enjoy!

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Jesu, “Old Year” Conqueror (Hydra Head)
Grade, “A Year in the Past, Forever in the Future” Under the Radar (Victory)
Born Against, “Nine Years Later” Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children (Kill Rock Stars)
Converge, “Year of the Swine” When Forever Comes Crashing (Equal Vision)
An Albatross, “Mother’s Day Came a Little Early This Year” Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder (Bloodlink)
Raft Of Dead Monkeys, “2 Year Lease” Thoroughlev(Burnout)
Whippersnapper, “23 Years” Appearances Wear Thin (Fueled By Ramen)
Suicide Note, “Not in a Million Years” You’re Not Looking So Good (Ferret)
Embrace, “End of a Year” Self-titled (Dischord)
Frodus, “Year of the Hex” And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea (Fueled By Ramen)
Coalesce, “Jesus in the Year 2000/Next on the Shit List” 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening (Relapse)
Les Savy Fav, “The Year Before the Year 2000” Let’s Stay Friends (French Kiss)
Policy Of 3, “Twelve Years Down” An Anthology (Ebullition)