#346 with Tim Brooks: Razorcake Podcast

Jan 23, 2015

#346 with Tim Brooks: Razorcake Podcast

Sometimes familiarity can be comforting. My house is filled with records, driving my family nuts as they take up shelf space across the house. I don’t always need something “new.” If the feeling is there, then I am as happy to hear a band banging out three chords in Finland 2014 as I am hearing a band banging out three chords in 1964. This pod has songs from now and then, here and there. Some of these tracks are well known and others that may have slipped under the radar. Music is like art, it’s what you like. Fuck the haters, if it’s a jam to you? It’s a jam.

Tim Brooks

Boston Strangler, “Strike The Match/Fire” (Fun With Smack)
Achtungs, “I Hate You” (Going Underground)
Motards, “Crazy” (Empty)
Gentlemen, “Cry n Shame” (Vandan)
Tongues Of Truth, “Talk About Girls” (Moxie)
Ooga Boogas, “Mind Reader” (Aargh!)
Soviet Valves, “Carrion Luggage” (Vertex Audio)
Cosmic Psychos, “I’m Up You’re Out” (Goner)
Babeez, “Do’Wanna Love” (bootleg)
Pura Mania, “La Sestafa Musica” (CV)
Swindled. “Hymn #84”
Pink Steel, “Some of the Things That You Do”
Subhumans, “Firing Squad” (Quintessence)
Bow Wow Wow, “C30 C60 C90” (major)
Good Throb, “Toner Loner” (Not Normal)
Shrapnel, “Imposter II” (Quality Control HC)
Arms Race, “Bastards” (Quality Control HC)
Impalers, “Mower” (540)
Stone Dagger, “Siege of Jerusalem” (Electric Assault)