#344 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

Jan 02, 2015

#344 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast


Here it is, 2015. We survived. Who knows for how long? As per usual, this year was filled with terrible politics, horrendous atrocities to mankind, and awesome music. This year, not like usual, I actually had to do some digging to find the best music of the year. I was not on the ball this year. I don’t know what changed exactly, but finding new and exciting artists was not as easy this year as it was for me in the past. Probably it has a little to do with my schedule, a little to do with my depression, and a lot to do with my financial situation. But, never fear! I scrimped and scavenged and found seventeen of the best tracks of rocking punk music! And I didn’t even use all of the good records that came out this year!

2014, here’s what I have to say to you. You were a harsh, unforgiving year. A year that started out filled with hope and excitement for the future until you brutally crushed it out of me. But for that you made me stronger, kind of like a character in an RPG. So, thanks for helping me level up, I guess. Here’s hoping you all got a chance to level up this year as well.

Tell me the best records I totally slept on or your favorite video game to play because spending $60 on a brand new one is ridiculous at [email protected]


Good Shade, “Play” (Self-titled, self-released goodshade.bandcamp)
Antarctigo Vespucci, “I’m Giving Up on U2” (Soulmate Stuff, Really)
Big Ups, “Goes Black” (Eighteen Hours of Static, Dead Labour)
Rad Payoff, “New Bong Turks” (The Good, The Rad and The Ugly, Let’s Pretend)
Whatever Brains, “UVOD” (SSR-64, Sorry State)
together PANGEA, “Make Myself True” (Badillac, Harvest)
Lenguas Largas, “You Might Fall” (Come On In, Recess)
White Lung, “Just for You” (Deep Fantasy, Domino)
Single Mothers, “Crooks” (Negative Qualities, HXC)
The Creeps, “Cancer” (Eulogies, It’s Alive)
RadiatorHospital, “Blue Gown” (Torch Song,Salinas)
Baby Ghosts, “Excited!” (Maybe Ghosts, Dirt Cult / Lost Cat / Drunken Sailor / Hip Kid / Waterslide)
Meatbodies, “Disorder” (Self-titled, In the Red)
Christian Fitness, “soft power itches” (I Am Afraid of Everything That Isn’t Me, self-released christianfitness.bandcamp.com)
Chumped, “Name That Thing” (Teenage Retirement, Anchorless)
Dahling, “Searchlights” (Near to Wanting, Trend’s Die)