#342 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast

Dec 05, 2014

#342 with Todd Taylor: Razorcake Podcast


No getting around it. Shit’s atomized, diffused. Even in DIY punk. Large media is “smarter” in the fact that they can take any meaningful word or phrase and turn it into an overnight marketing campaign. They just shove some money into their machine and crank up the sky computer that shoots pictures and words into millions of millions of screens.

You: bummed.
Them: trying to get richer.
Culture: poorer.

Fortunately for me, punk’s not one thing that can be ripped off by a tourist. It’s a system, a way of thinking. It’s interconnected and interwoven. A webbing. Checks and balances. My favorite bands, with rare exception, were and are outliers. When I say shit like “The Minutemen/ Big Boys/ Hüsker Dü of today,” I totally mean it.

Here’s to songs that are stronger than quarterly profits and consumer forgetting.

–Todd Taylor