#341 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

Nov 28, 2014

#341 with Daryl Gussin: Razorcake Podcast

The shit people are excited about on the internet makes me feel like an old, jaded piece of shit. It’s not a good feeling, and it’s one I spend a lot of time trying to understand. I usually result to finger pointing, “It’s your shit that’s making me jaded, henceforth it’s your fault, not mine!” My logic, my rules.

So I’d like to take this time to apologize in advance. If any of the following songs make you feel like an old, jaded piece of shit. I’m sorry. It’s my fault, not yours.

Fair is fair. But I hope in the songs below, you will find something inspiring. I think these bands are actually pretty damn good.

Take care,

Wand, “Take Me to the Void” (Split 7” with Meatbodies, In The Red)
Ivy, “Got No Instinct” (Self-titled LP, Katorga Works)
Leatherface, “I Want the Moon” (MushLP)
The Gotobeds, “Wimpy Garcia (brotherfucker)” (Poor People Are RevoltingLP, 12XU)
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, “I Thought I Was a Good Man” (Stay Home!! LP, Toxic State)
DFMK, “Rasputin” (Negatividad 7”, Detesta / Barbanegra / Bloodpact)
Extended Suicide, “Intentos Fallidos” (Self-titled MLP, Putojefe)
Big Crux, “Exposure” (Ponchito LP, B < X / Not Normal)
Total Control, “Systematic Fuck” (Typical System LP, Iron Lung)
Baton Rouge, “D’Année en Année” (Totem LP, Adagio 830 / Purepainsugar / Bakery Outlet)
Serious Sam Barrett, “Hillbomber’s Blues” (Any Road LP, Ya Dig?)
Black Rainbow, “Troubled Sleep” (Self-titled LP, Starcleaner)
Gateway District, “Madrid” (Partial Traces EP, Salinas)
Hex Dispensers, “Parallel” (Parallel7”, Red Lounge)