#339 with Samantha Beerhouse: Razorcake Podcast

Oct 31, 2014

#339 with Samantha Beerhouse: Razorcake Podcast

Did you miss me? I missed you, devoted podcast listener. Let’s enjoy this mad mixture of new music and recent favorites. There are even a few songs to help you get into the Halloween spirit (and a lot of talking about my kid, sorry. Blame Todd, he started it). Plus the answers to the old questions: Is Venice a separate city? Do children like to dance to the sweet sounds of vacuums and Earth, Wind, And Fire? Enjoy! Enjoy it, dammit.


Neighborhood Brats, “White Girls” (No Sun No Tan, Deranged)
Dead Kennedys, “Halloween” (Halloween/Saturday Night Holocaust 7”, Alternative Tentacles)
The Facials, “1082” (Self-titled, Chaos Rurale)
Big Black, “Bad Penny” (Songs About Fucking, Touch And Go)
Peaches, “I Don’t Give A” (Fatherfucker)
The Breakdowns, “Sean, Bless This Shit” (Brokedowns / Vacation Bible School 7”, It’s Alive)
White Murder, “Baby Boy” (Self-titled, Recess / Razorcake)
Crusades, “The Transport of Intrepid Souls” (Perhaps You Deliver This Judgment with Greater Fear Than I Receive It, No Idea)
Rad Company, “Risky Business” (Someone Should Be Fired 7”, Smiling Handshake)
Direct Hit!, “They Came For Me” (Domesplitter, Kind Of Like)
Mind Spiders, “The Steady” (Inhumanistic, Dirtnap)
The Barreracudas, “New York Honeys” (New York Honeys 7”, Douchemaster)
Radioactivity, “Get Straight” (Self-titled, Dirtnap)
Rumspringer, “Spring Breakdown” (Self-titled 10”, Traffic Street)