#337 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Oct 17, 2014

#337 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

I’m starting a new trilogy of podcasts, Razorcake listeners, so watch out! This one is based on the calendar. So to start with I have songs with days of the weeks in the title. I’ll follow it up with months in the title and then one with the word “year” or “years” in the song titles. You’ve been warned. It’s gonna be epic. Well, maybe not epic, but it’ll be fun. For me.

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PS. Contrary to what I said in the podcast, you can’t listen to the interview with Avail for which I wrote the introduction, but you can

Trans Megetti, “On the Monday” (Fading Left to Completely On)
Avail, “Tuesday” (4 AM Friday)
The Weakerthans, “Wellington’s Wednesday” (Fallow)
The Undertones, “Wednesday Week” (The Best of The Undertones)
Knapsack, “Thursday Side of the Street” (Day Three of My New Life)
The Killingtons, “Thursday” (Redwood Records: A Collection)
Carpenter, “Just Another Friday Night” (Sea to Sky)
Mutoid Man, “Friday the 13/8” (Helium Head)
Ultravox, “Saturday Night in the City of the Dead” (No Thanks! The ‘70s Punk Rebellion)
The Cure, “10:15 Saturday Night” (Staring at the Sea)
Morrissey, “Everyday Is Like Sunday” (Bona Drag)