#335 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

Oct 03, 2014

#335 with Bryan Static: Razorcake Podcast

I stare at my paycheck. Most of it is rent, but somewhere deep down in that number is enough to buy a record, or a comic, or something that helps me not think about the daily grind. But that cold hard number wants me to have no enjoyment. It stands as a monument to my laziness, according to people with more money than me. Clearly, if I wanted more money I would work harder, longer, faster, or something.

My belongings—all packed in boxes and scattered amongst the debris of what used to be a bedroom—sit in a room that I pay for with my own time and I still hesitate to say I am an adult. More appropriately, I’m beginning to think the concept of an adult is flawed, or perhaps there is too great a difference portrayed between being a teenager and an adult. If I remember my history correctly, there was a time that when the concept of teenager did not exist. This seems more genuine. As a teenager, I felt as if there would be a grand revelation to be had once I grew up that would place the world into more perspective; an event that would cause my words to hold more weight and authority. But these moments are fiction, and the transition was nothing more than a series of escalading failures.

Now, the world shoves me into the fast-moving world of numbers, time management, and misery. The goal is to find balance, until I die. Then, life is somebody else’s problem. I stare at my paycheck.

Please send desperate pleas for help and doom metal recommendations to [email protected].

–Bryan Static

Nightmare Boyzzz, “Problem Child” (Bad Patterns, Slovenly)
Radiator Hospital, “Bedtime Story” (Torch Song, Salinas)
Los Vigilantes, “La Balada” (Self-titled, Slovenly)
Broncho, “Try Me Out Sometime” (Can’t Get Past the Lips, CQ/Guestroom)
A Giant Dog, “The Grand” (Bone, Tic Tac Totally)
Rad Payoff, “Chuck Roast” (The Good, The Rad and The Ugly, Let’s Pretend)
Perfect Pussy, “Dig” (Say Yes to Love, Captured Tracks)
IDYLLS, “PCP Crazy” (Prayer for Terrene, Self-released)
Parquet Courts, “Always Back in Town” (Sunbathing Animal, What’s Your Rupture?)
Cardiacs, “A Little Man and a House” (A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window, Alphabet Business Concern)
PAWS, “Bloodline” (Cokefloat!, Fat Cat)
Andrew Jackson Jihad, “Kokopelli Face Tattoo” (Christmas Island, SideOneDummy)
Ovens, “Misanthropist” (Self-titled, Tumult)
PUP, “Mabu” (Self-titled, SideOneDummy)
FIDLAR, “Cocaine / Cheap Cocaine” (Self-titled)