#334 with Rene Navarro: Razorcake Podcast

Sep 26, 2014

#334 with Rene Navarro: Razorcake Podcast

I don’t have much to say for this one except that putting it together is what kept me together throughout the boring week. I hurt my back and couldn’t train. This led to my being super bored and depressed, moping around the house when I remembered, “I have something important to do!”

Assembling my podcast is sometimes done hastily, guided more by passion and that week’s musical whims than any sort of planned out sonic attack, but on this one I really thought it out. I dug through every record I have at the B-Space, wrote out a bunch of set lists that got trashed, debated over which tracks to play by what artists in what order. I wanted to open with a track that promised a good time, take you on a wild ride, then bring you back down in a somber tone. Hopefully that was accomplished. If not, I apologize, but thank you for listening and supporting Razorcake regardless.


To download the file to your computer, right click the link below and select "save target as..." It's a hefty file, so it may take some time to download to your computer. To play the file without downloading (it depends on your computer's configuration for playing music files), just click it. Your media player should recognize what to do with an mp3. (If it doesn't, you're on your your own.)

Masshysteri, “MassHysteri Del Tva”
Stranglers, “The Duchess”
XTC, “Senses Working Overtime”
Wire, “Ex-Lion Tamer”
Talking Heads, “The Book I Read”
Reigning Sound, “Stormy Weather”/ “Straight Shooter”
Ramones, “Havana Affair”
Replacements, “I Will Dare”
Fucked Up, “Disorder”
X, “Burning House of Love”
Spokenest, “We Move”
Tenement, “Dreaming Out Loud”
Hank Williams, “Wealth Won’t Save Your Soul”