#332 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Sep 12, 2014

#332 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

Let me explain how these things come together for me: I’m often thinking up ideas of themes for podcasts for Razorcake. I go through dry spells and then there’s a torrent of inspiration. Something about a band’s name or song title will strike me and it all comes together. I search through my iTunes (yeah, I’m all digital—sorry vinyl nerds) and see what I can find that fits the theme. An extensive list of songs is made and then I try and look for bands I haven’t played before (or at least not too often). Based on that I narrow it down so the music clocks in between thirty-five and forty-five minutes (with my talking I like it to come in at between forty and fifty minutes). Then I arrange the songs so there’s a good flow from one track to the next. I usually like certain genres and sounds to fit together in blocks and the opener and closer of the podcast both need to be strong.

I load it all up into Garageband and put the songs in order, spacing them out, and creating some gaps to record my voiceover in between sets. Then I work my magic, say stupid things, stumble over my words, and make jokes that only I understand. The whole recording process usually doesn’t take any more than thirty minutes by the time I yell at Garageband a few times and have to go back and record sections because my roommate slammed the door in the background or a truck decided to back up outside my window for five minutes. I try and keep it “somewhat” professional. At least so you, the listener, are not distracted.

Finally, I check levels on my vocals and all the songs so that they’re all equal and sync up all the tracks so there are no gaps in between anything. I send it from Garageband to my iTunes and listen to it a couple of times with headphones on to hear for anything I don’t think I can live with. And voila! You have a podcast. I send it over to Razorcake folks along with my setlist and a photo and they take care of the rest.

For this particular podcast, I don’t remember which of the bands spawned the idea, but it hit me: bands with body parts in their names. It seemed like a good idea. And it was an excuse to play Agoraphobic Nosebleed. That’s too good of a band name to pass up.

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To download the file to your computer, right click the link below and select "save target as..." It's a hefty file, so it may take some time to download to your computer. To play the file without downloading (it depends on your computer's configuration for playing music files), just click it. Your media player should recognize what to do with an mp3. (If it doesn't, you're on your your own.)


Ten Foot Pole, “John” (Unleashed)
Lungfish, “Friend to Friend in Endtime” (20 Years of Dischord)
Gunmothers Head, “Sleeping Science” (Well, I Don’t See Why Not, Vol. 3)
Motörhead, “Going to Mexico” (Aftershock)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed, “Pentagram Constellation” (The Poacher Diaries)
Small Arms Dealer, “Today I Discovered the World” (Cover Your Tracks)
Stiff Little Fingers, “Suspect Device” (No Thanks!)
Brainiac, “Flash Ram” (Electro-Shock For President)
Bad Brains, “Big Take Over” (Self-titled)
The Redneck Manifesto, “Paint The Dilebloa Pink” (I Am Brazil)
Cross My Heart, “The Reason I Failed History” (The Reason I Failed History)