#328 with Bianca Barragan and Simon Sotelo: Razorcake Podcast

Aug 15, 2014

#328 with Bianca Barragan and Simon Sotelo: Razorcake Podcast

Your favorite taco-eating, beer-drinking trio is back! Simon and Bianca, Razorcake reviewers and local zine fiends, join Todd for another evening of great music and greater banter. This installment includes anti-cassette propaganda, less convincing pro-cassette arguments, and a reminder to check out EchoPark’sEcho Chamber Creative HQ this summer through September. It’ll be housing the LA Zine Fest’s zine library!


Friend Of My Youth, "Future Perfect" Self-titled (Secret Pennies)
Maxie Dean, "Tornado" (Self-released)
Tülips, "Wait" (Self-released)
Collosal Wrecks, "Idol Worship" Waste the Moments (Lauren)
Double Cheese, "Anyone But My Baby" Self-titled (Cheap Trash Tapes)
Tony Molina, "Nothing I Can Do" Dissed and Dismissed (Slumberland)
The Backhomes, "Tear It Up" Only Friend (Shake!)
Swans, "Stay Here" Filth(Neutral)
Girlpool, "American Beauty" Self-titled (Big Joy)
Jeffrey Lewis, "Graveyard" It’s the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through (Rough Trade)
SARALEE, "The Motion" SARLEE(Ride The Snake)
Stoned At Heart, "Your Image Is All You've Got" Party Tracks Vol. 1 (Recess / It's Alive)
Radiator Hospital, "Leather & Lace" Torch Song (Salinas)
Tweens, "Don't Wait Up" Self-titled (French Kiss)
Sledding With Tigers, "Never Really Good at Sports" A Necessary Bummer (Antique)