#326 with Tim Brooks: Razorcake Podcast

Aug 01, 2014

#326 with Tim Brooks: Razorcake Podcast

Been a minute, but I’m baaaaack. No real method to the madness today… some old, some new—I’ve tried to make some connection between the songs I played today. The main connection is that every track is a fucking jaaaaaam.

-Tim Brooks

Bill Hicks, “Just a Ride”
Battle Ruins, “Regain and Conquer” (Rocknroll Disgrace)
Giuda, “Wild Tiger Woman” (Fungo)
Agony Bag, “Rabies Is a Killer” (Monza, 1980)
Trainspotters, “High Rise” (Arista, 1979)
Hoax, “This Is My Life” (Hollogramme, 1981)
Ripcord, “Single Ticket to Hell” (Boss Tuneage)
Frenzy, “SS Control” (Distort Reality)
The Flex, “The Herd” (Milk Run)
Die, “Life Is Hate”
Fatigue, “Dog Bodies” (demo)
Crown Court, “Trouble from London”
Radioactivity, “What You Want” (Dirtnap)
Video, “Red Pills” (Playing Pinball)
NCM, “Ultimate Orgasm” (VVV, 1979)
Terminal Mind, “I Wanna Die Young” (No) (1979)
Inserts, “Doctors Wives” (Classified, 1980)
Dust, “Suicide” (Karma Sutra, 1971)

Bill Hicks – “Just a Ride”
The most important standup comedian ever, in my opinion. Died prematurely at thirty-three in 1994. Everything this guy did still stands the test of time twenty years on. A comedic prophet.

Battle Ruins – “Regain and Conquer”
The Boston kids do it again. As good a skinhead record as ever made, up there with All Skrewed Up and Good The Bad & The 4-Skins. Good luck finding it.

Giuda – “Wild Tiger Woman”
Currently the soundtrack to our car rides to school. My daughter Lu loves this shit, as well as Chicago drill/trap hiphop, Madball, and the Old Firm Casuals. On-the-button glam rock with more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle bag. I loved their earlier incarnation Taxi, too. Bless them Italians.

Agony Bag – “Rabies Is a Killer”
Never heard this ‘til this obscure New Wave Of British Heavy Metal comp came out a couple of years back. A lot of this stuff straddles the rock and punk camps equally. Taxi covered this. Jam.

Ripcord – “Single Ticket to Hell”
One of my all time favorite bands and one of the ones that shaped me as a youth. Started writing to Baz the guitarist (who later also played in Heresy) when I was fourteen, and not only was my head blown off by the early demos by Ripcord, he also sent me stuff like Mob 47 and Crude SS. Boss Tuneage has reissued everything by this band, and the most recent LP is all their early demos. I love this shit. Raw as fuck, fast as fuck, and crazy to think this was nearly thirty years ago.

Frenzy – “SS Control”
New Portland band who sound like an old English band. Sounds like the Chaos UK side of the Earslaughter split with Extreme Noise Terror.

The Flex – “The Herd”
New era of U.K. bands absolutely smashing it. The Flex play ugly hardcore not unlike SS Decontrol or DYS. Along with bands like Violent Reaction, they are bring the bootboy back to hardcore. They just toured and crushed the USA, too.

Die – “Life Is Hate”
Another U.K. band, hard spiteful hardcore. I love this shit.

Fatigue – “Dog Bodies”
Hard Blitz-inspired punk from SF. Probably my new favorite local band. Couple of the YOFC crew in this band. Again, bringing the skinhead back into hardcore.

Crown Court – “Trouble from London”
Didn’t know who this London band were when I played them. Turns out it’s two dudes from Violent Reaction, which makes perfect sense. Oi music done right.

Radioactivity – “What You Want”
Jeff and Mark from the Marked Men. My favorite band right now. Jeff Burke knows how to write a fucking song. Pretty much a perfect album.

Video – “Red Pills”
Daniel and Greg from Radioactivity in yet another band. I thought this band were from Denmark or somewhere. Totally sounds like old KBD stuff.

NCM – “Ultimate Orgasm”
Video are based in Dallas, NCM are thirty-plus years earlier but also from Dallas. Near perfect two minutes. I’m a huge fan of old Texas punk; I’ve always stood by the fact that bands from inhospitable places make great music. Case in point.

Terminal Mind – “I Wanna Die Young”
More Texas punk featuring the drummer from the Big Boys. Great KBD punk.

Inserts – “Doctors Wives”
One of my fave Texas discs. 1980. Unstoppable.

Dust – “Suicide”
Crushing hard rock/proto metal from the early ‘70s. I meant to say it featured a young Marky Ramone, not Tommy. They did two LPs and disappeared into obscurity. Later being dug up by metal fanatics. I believe both LPs have been reissued.