324: Boutokunotaiyo: CD

May 14, 2001

I was really apprehensive putting this thing on. I see sun flares on CD covers and my first (usually correct) assumption is that I'm gonna be lambasted by a bunch of emo crybabies pouring their poor, wounded hearts into some of the worst songs ever conceived. Thankfully, I was wrong in this case. 324 play some punishing metallic Japanese hardcore that could easily have been recorded in the mid-'80s. There's nary a slow song here and lots of gutteral "rooaooar" in the vocal department. Damn if this ain't some kickass stuff. I'm willing to bet that a double bill featuring these guys and Gehenna would be a very dangerous place, indeed. Yes, I recommend this bad boy.

 –jimmy (HG Fact, 105 Nakano Shinbashi-M, 2-7-15 Yahoi-Cho, Nakano, Tokyo 164-0013 Japan)