324: Boutokunotaiyao: CD

May 14, 2001

After the "Soulwinter" 7" and the "Customized Circle" CD comes this absolute beast of a release. That is the only history I know of this band and that is all I own. This three piece from Japan has gotten plenty of references to Terrorizer (Earache Records, 1980s) for their pounding grindcore meets hardcore. The two releases that I got prior were almost exactly reminiscent of that band. This one carries on the same tradition but comes off heavier with added influence, in my ears, of Entombed and Hellchild. Manic and excruciating in their madness while the energy thrusts upon bleeding ars. -Donofthedead

 –don (HG Fact, 105 Nakano Shinbashi-M, 2-7-15 Yayoi-Cho, Nakano, Tokyo164-0013, Japan)