324: Across the Black Wings: CDEP

Jan 28, 2009

If you are a fan of the grind band Terrorizer, this is in your ballpark. Listed as a three-song EP, there actually is a fourth song. Once a three piece, 324 now has expanded to four. Singer Masao no longer handles bass duties and focuses strictly in the yelling. Sakata, the drummer, is the other remaining solid piece of this confusing puzzle. He provides intricate drumming that sometimes seems so out of control but well-calculated. It seems like every release the band has a new guitarist. It is true once again here. With the addition of Shinji, the band takes their Terrorizer worship and infuses hardcore and crust to the mix. The tempos are more varied but do not sacrifice the intensity. If you are not a fan of metal, you need to walk away here. This band leaves tire marks like a bad ass muscle car with a turbocharger. Aggression, speed, and power is the cocktail of rage that is released. One of Japan’s little treasures that I hope one day will make it to these shores to corrupt the anger in us.

 –don (HG Fact)