#321 with Mike Faloon: Razorcake Podcast

Jun 27, 2014

#321 with Mike Faloon: Razorcake Podcast


Clever people working with a low budget. That’s a good start. Toss in a healthy appreciation for MAD magazine along with some battered guitars, drums, and keyboards and you’ll probably have a mess on your hands. A few genius practitioners emerged from this swamp. In the ‘90s it was bands like the Mummies, Phantom Surfers, and Supercharger. By the turn of the century that flock of bands had moved on. Boom Boom Records of Renton, WA emerged to continue the nonsense. On the surface Boom Boom provided a treasure trove of fun, dumb surf and garage rock. Beneath that is the story of Jesse Lortz. (If my calculations are accurate he played in all of these bands except for Ian And The Barnetts.) All of the following were released by Boom Boom Records of Renton, WA.

–Mike Faloon

Zombie IV, “Do the Corpse”
Zombie IV, “Zombie!”
Fabulous Shockwaves, “Lead Sled”
Ian And The Barnetts, “Barnett Stomp”
Amazing Spider Men, “Dark Eyes”
Amazing Spider Men, “Wall Krawly Wally”
Fe Fi Fo Fums, “At the Fun House”
Fe Fi Fo Fums, “Don’t Bite Me, Baby (I Got the Boom Boom in My Blood)”
The Duke and the Dutchess, “Reservoir Park”
Thee Flying Dutchmen, “Youngblood”