#320 with Rene Navarro: Razorcake Podcast

Jun 20, 2014

#320 with Rene Navarro: Razorcake Podcast

As I rapidly approach thirty, I realize I’ve spent over half my life collecting music on some tangible format. Cassettes led to compact discs which led to vinyl. I’ve amassed quite a bit of it. You’ll be hearing an American Nightmare recording I bought the week it came out, as well as a Jenny Piccolo recording I spent fourteen years wanting, and only purchased last week. A Homeowners 7” put out by the guy who loaned me this Cro-Mags LP and a record put out in part by Razorcake, with that same guy’s band on it. Bands from different decades, countries, and scenes. The only glue that holds any of these recordings together is you, me, each other. It seems punks are as isolated, dispirited, and despairing as ever. Let’s try to keep an eye on each other, because sometimes the only thing holding us together is our friends and the music. Never give up, please.

-Rene Navarro

Homeowners, “Ant Trails”
Cro-Mags, “It’s The Limit”
American Nightmare, “I C You Are Feeling Drake”
The Smiths, “Still Ill”
Jenny Piccolo, “Sedate”, “Legal Lynching”
Blatz, “Fuck Shit Up”
The Explosion, “God Save The S.O.S.”
The Domestics, “Self Abuse”
The Jam, “The Butterfly Collector”
DS-13, “If This is hardcore”
God Equals Genocide, “Stranger’s Dog”
Cut The Shit, “You’re the Problem”
Descendents, “Parents”
Blondie, “In the Sun”