#317 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

May 30, 2014

#317 with Kurt Morris: Razorcake Podcast

I’ve been through some shit lately that has left me feeling low down and drained. So it seems fitting that I’ve been listening to a lot of the blues. While the style has a specific musical structure (which few of the artists on this podcast actually follow), lyrically it has often served as a means for the songwriter to release heartache of the relationship kind or that which is experienced from harsh daily living. And in that regard, more of the artists on this podcast actually are following in the blues tradition. Some of the bands here don’t follow the blues style, lyrically or musically, they just have the word “Blues” in their song title (which is the unifying theme of the podcast). But they all express an emotion, whether it be sadness or anger. And those are two things I’m feeling right now. So join me in feeling the blues and I promise to only play upbeat, happy pop punk for the next podcast. (Not really.)

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Johnny Cash, “Folsom Prison Blues” (Live at Folsom Prison)
Johnny Cash, “Cocaine Blues” (Live at Folsom Prison)
Jimmie Rodgers, “T.B. Blues”
Ethel Meserve, “Belated Blues” (Spelling The Names)
Motörhead, “Lost Woman Blues” (Aftershock)
Obits, “Milk Cow Blues” (I Blame You)
Converge, “Wolverine Blues” (Converge/Napalm Death split 7”)
Pig Destroyer, “Restraining Order Blues” (Terrifyer)
The Reatards, “Memphis Blues” (Teenage Hate)
Rollins Band, “Gun in Mouth Blues” (Life Time)
The Stooges, “LA Blues” (Fun House)