#316 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast

May 23, 2014

#316 with Juan Espinosa: Razorcake Podcast

Hi there Razorcake podcast listeners!

As I write this, I am currently anxiously awaiting maybe three or four record packages in the mail as well as a slew of great shows coming through town or nearby: Washington’s Criminal Code tomorrow night at a house show only fifteen minutes from where I live, Burnouts en Baja Fest in Tijuana towards the end of the month, Sexdrome from Denmark playing their first and only show ever in the U.S., and the amazing Radioactivity from Texas, both coming in May. Not to mention already having caught Tragedy and Bümbkläätt in Tijuana (thanks Rene!), Bad Sports’ short but sweet set in downtown Los Angeles a few nights ago and NYC’s fiercest ladies La Misma a couple weeks ago on a work night (the right side of my ribs still kinda hurt…)

What it all adds up to is the busiest first third of the year in music that I can remember in some time. April also marks the six year mark of my involvement with Razorcake which has been nothing but one rewarding experience after another, such as making new friends, near and abroad (shout outs to Tommy Vandervort!) as well as enjoying the benefits of being exposed to great new music through my stint as a reviewer which I am eternally grateful for. Life has been a lot more interesting and a little less sucky these past six years.

Thanks for listening.



P.S. Extra super eternal thanks to Designated Dale Drazan for reuniting me with a copy of the No Comment 7”!

No///Sé, “All the Little Things You Love to Hate” “Beach Bathroom Bingo” b/w “All the Little Things You Love to Hate” 7” (1859 / Different Kitchen)
S.H.I.T., “Nobody Knows Anything” Collective Unconsciousness 7” (Iron Lung)
Warthog: “Exterminate Me” Exterminate Me 7” (Katorga Works)
Homostupids, “Screwry Turkey” New York Jammin’ EP (Hozac)
Hysterics, “Please, Sir” Can’t I Live 7” (M’Lady’s)
Los Monjo, “Decepciòn” La Vida que Todos Envidian LP (MMM / Trabuc)
Brain F≠, “Don’t Tell Me” Empty Set LP (Grave Mistake / Sorry State)
The Love Triangle, “The Situation is Excellent” Clever Clever LP (Sorry State / Static Shock)
The Comes, “Ningen Gari” No Outsider LP (Hirohito Era Hardcore, unofficial)
Heresy, “Face Up to It” Face Up to It LP (Still Thinking)
Big Boys, “TV” Wreck Collection 2 x LP (Gern Blandstein)
Minutemen, “King of the Hill” Ballot Result 2 x LP (SST)
No Comment, “Push Down and Turn,” “Curtains” Self-titled 7” EP (Slap A Ham)